Did Fifty Put A Word Out On Young Buck?

You think fifty put the word out on Buck? Is that why we haven’t heard much from him since his departure from G-unit? Well according to Buck that’s the case he says that he would have been featured on a lot of current projects today if it weren’t for fifty. Is that the case well see what Buck has to say……

Young Buck sat down with the Nashville Scene to discuss how 50 Cent is trying to basically blackball him in the music industry.

“His reaction, being so harsh, is to basically stall me out to a position where I lose everything, to where my numbers drop,” Young Buck continued. “Because if you don’t have a new product out, then you can’t go get the big dollar for your shows. [He wants] to pretty much destroy my life from a silent-sided way of doing things. That’s his angle, and my contracts allow him to be able to do that.”

Aside from not putting out an album since 2008, Buck claims that 50 won’t let him appear on any other artist’s tracks as a feature artist.

“The problem is, I go to be a feature on their hit record, and then they have to go to 50 Cent to clear me on the record, and he says, ‘No.’ And they’re looking like, ‘Well, damn’ — cause if it wasn’t for that I would probably be on every record that’s out right now, cause everybody and their mama reaches out and gives me support.”

Young Buck’s latest mixtape Back On My Buck Shit Vol. 1 should be hitting the internet soon.

Courtesy of defsounds


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