Aiight So What’s The Verdict On Tephlon Don( the numbers that is).

Well right now Ricky is lookin like Big Meech, and Larry Hoover. The numbers are in, and Tephlon Don is taking over the number one spot on the billboards. Over taking Eminem’s Recovery. It was a good run, but as promised Ross came with it this week at least, but who knows about next week, but for right now I’m sure Mr. Dirty Money is poppin bottles……….

According to hitsdailydouble Rick Ross‘ Teflon Don will be atop of Billboard this week in album sales. Rick Rozay’s 4th studio album, and 4th number 1 album, moved 188,816 in its opening week in stores. Eminem’s Recovery album, which reigned supreme for the last 3 weeks came in second selling 187,968, only a 3% decrease from last week, bringing his 4-wk total to 1,670,468.

Drizzy’s debut Thank Me Later moved just under 50,000 copies bringing his 5 wk total to an est. 882,000.

Courtesy of defsounds


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