Too All My Pot Heads Pay Close Attention.

Ok so Devin The Dude is gettin his Denzel on. Well not exactly he is acting, but the roll might not be John Q. Let’s say it’s probably more like Smokey. The concept sounds interesting 2 pot smoking rappers looking for a highway in Kentucky that leads to a weed heaven, but enough from me I got a  joint I need to get back to myself. So in the middle of tokes take time to read the rest of this concept, and vibe…….

Veteran Houston rapper Devin The Dude is known for making music about his love for weed. His last album, Suite 420, was even released on the global weed holiday April 20th.

But now, he’s taking that love a step by further and onto the big screen with a role in the upcoming marijuana comedy Hillbilly Highway, which will actually be Devin’s acting debut, according to

The film focuses on a pair of pot-smoking brothers, Earl and Ray Ray, who go on a quest to find a highway in Kentucky that leads to a “marijuana nirvana.” While on the road, the two become embroiled in a fight between two families — the Gatfields and McCroys (based on real-life families Hatfield and McCoy) — and are chased out of town after the families realize that the pair is trying to make off with the weed.

The film is currently wrapping production in Atlanta and co-stars comedian Lil Duval, is produced by comedian Eddie Griffin and written, created and directed by Damon “Coke” Daniels.

Additionally, the film also includes actors Tiny Lister. Jr, Erik Estrada, Gary Owen, Tommy Ford, Keith David, Jasmine Burke and others.

Hillbilly Highway is really going to take people by surprise,” said producer Eddie Griffin. “We have a fantastic team and working with Damon ‘Coke’ Daniels has been a great experience. I can’t wait for the camera to stop rolling, so I can see the finished product.”

“I’m building an urban comedy brand similar to what Tyler Perry did, but much more raw and edgy,” adds Daniels. The director’s film credits already include “Who Made the Potato Salad” and “My Baby’s Daddy.”

At press time, there was no release date for the film.

Courtesy of ballerstatus


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