You Remeber Charles Hamilton? You Don’t Well he’s checkin himself into a mental Hospital.

Well if you don’t remember him, or even know who he is. He’s what you would call an under ground rapper who released some mixtapes on-line, and has a buzz, but a lot of people remember him for gettin punched by his x during a freestyle battle with him(as you can watch in the video above). Now apparently his love for the music has taken a toll on him as he’s decided to check himself into a mental hospital for evaluation. Sometimes the pressures can get to us all…………..

Apparently the music industry has proved to be too much for Mr. Charles Hamilton as it has been revealed that CH has checked himself into a mental hospital. During an interview with Bossip Charles says one of the reasons he checked himself in was peace of mind and because he loves music too much.

“[His love for music goes] Too far, that was one of the reasons I checked in here. All I wanted to do and still want to do is make music. It got to the point where I started talking in rhymes all the time, even in just regular conversations. And music just became me, so I thought it’d be a good idea if i checked into the hospital just to get my mind right.”

Courtesy of defsounds, and bossip


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