Is Trouble Following Foxy Brown These Days?

Another situation involving foxy brown. It seems she was involved in a brawl in the hallway of high rise apartment building in Manhattan. This is the second incident involving foxy in the past few days. Her names seems to be hot, but not in the way she would like I’m sure……

Rapper Foxy Brown narrowly dodged a run-in with police Thursday evening (July 29) when she was involved in a massive brawl in a Manhattan apartment building, reports TMZ.

The rapper was visiting someone at a luxury high-rise in Manhattan when a fight broke out in the building’s lobby. Foxy was right smack in the middle of it too, said reports, throwing down with several people.

It’s still unclear what sparked the brawl.

TMZ says that it took more than 10 people to step in and break things up until New York Police showed up.

Foxy had fled the scene before officers arrived, and at press time, there were no arrests made.

One of the people Foxy reportedly fought with was her manager Bernadette Brennan. However, when contacted by TMZ, Brennan said “no comment”.

The incident comes just eight days after Foxy was arrested in NYC for allegedly mooning a neighbor and violating a protection order.

She’s been charged with public lewdness, harassment, and criminal contempt in that case.

Courtesy of ballerstatus


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