Young Buck “My Campaign” Recorded The Day His House Was Raided By The IRS.

Damn that’s all I can say. What away to release the recording of a new track. The day you get raided by the tax man. The government will come to collect on those debts, but damn a once platinum artist now this. I’m sure better days are ahead for Buck, and he starts it off on the right foot with a joint called my campaign….

There can’t be too many worse ways of waking up on a Tuesday morning than hearing your doorbell ring and answering to find a Federal Agent standing there with a shotgun, telling you that he and several other agents are there to take possession of your personal belongings on behalf of the IRS.

That was the case for former G-Unit member Young Buck last week, where agents seized recording equipment, jewelry, furniture, and his platinum wall plaques, due to unpaid taxes.

The rapper has since revealed that his $300,000-plus IRS debt was the result of bad management, and has vowed to stay on top of things from now on.

Despite the bad start to his day last week, things turned around for Buck that same afternoon. He received an email from his good friend, mega-producer Drumma Boy. In the email, there was no message, just music. So, he did what any rapper going through any hard times, record music about it.

The rapper took the beats, headed to the studio, and six hours later, he emerged with two new songs.

This first is appropriately entitled “My Campaign.” The lyrics are deep and heartfelt but, is Buck crying over his most recent losses?

“Aye shawty keep that sympathy for that baby you taking care of, anything they done is done, did to me now we all aware of” is what he has to say about it all.

Young Buck-My Campaign

At press time, details regarding the other song he recorded that day were unknown.

Courtesy of ballerstatus.


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