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Yay, And Jay Colab On An Upcoming E.P.

Kanye set to re lease a 5 song E.P. with Jay-Z. You remember what E.P.’s are those real short albums that artists re leased a lot of those back in the late 80’s early 90’s(so my true hip hop heads will feel me). One song was already leaked called the Monster. It includes a monster line up…….. (more…)


B.M.F. Official Video.

Interesting video I guess the most interesting part to me would be the Lox, and Dirty Diddy. I mean Diddy Dirty Money I said that right didn’t I pay no attention to the first pronunciation. Anyway peep the vid, but I guess money does talk. Even squash a few beefs.

Saigon Speaks On “Just Another Day”.

Just another day not livin in the hood, but a movie by young dre, and other’s. The concept involves a what a young up, and coming artist goes through trying to make it in the music game. Saigon discusses why he likes the movie, and why you should to……. (more…)

“The Summer’s Mine” Rick Ross.

Rick Ross comin hard at Young Jeezy. What brought this about? Who knows the track sounds hard the lyrics are directed even harder at Jeezy. Will there be a response from Jeezy who knows, But stay tuned. In the mean time listen, and decipher for yourself.

Tax Woes Continue Wyclef Owes More Than 5 Million In Back Taxes.

Now Wyclef owes the tax man as well. It’s reported at more than 5 million dollars dating back from 2006. It’s also being reported that he, and a business partner in his foundation yele paid themselves amounts of a little more the 400 thousand for unnecessary duties. Which Wyclef denies, and is actually troubled by the allegations…… (more…)

Young Buck “My Campaign” Recorded The Day His House Was Raided By The IRS.

Damn that’s all I can say. What away to release the recording of a new track. The day you get raided by the tax man. The government will come to collect on those debts, but damn a once platinum artist now this. I’m sure better days are ahead for Buck, and he starts it off on the right foot with a joint called my campaign…. (more…)

Joey Crack Reminiscing On The Past D.J. Clue Biggie Smalls On One Of His Webisodes

Fat Joe doing a little album promoting on his webisode. In this brief talk he discusses mixtapes, and how a guy like deejay clue got started, and where he first sold his first mixtape, and his encounter with biggie smalls over deejay clue.