Joey Crack Reminiscing On The Past D.J. Clue Biggie Smalls On One Of His Webisodes

Fat Joe doing a little album promoting on his webisode. In this brief talk he discusses mixtapes, and how a guy like deejay clue got started, and where he first sold his first mixtape, and his encounter with biggie smalls over deejay clue.


Jay-Z Set To Release “Decoded”. A Book About His Life Available In November.

Jay Z releasing a book called decoded. Which chronicles as you may have guessed the life, and times of Sean Carter. Sounds familiar, but in book form which sounds like it could be real interesting reading. Instead of hearing it in a rhyme, or an interview you get it straight from the man, and people around him……. Read the rest of this page »

Lloyd Banks Chops It Up With Star & Buckwild.

Lloyd stops by Star & Buckwild’s show, and chops it up a little about G-Unit. The signing of Beanie Sigel. Watch as Star puts Lloyd on the spot about that one. I wonder how many people agree with that decision. Anyway watch the video Star & Buck at it as usual.

Sigel Spits Fiyah At Jay During A Freestyle In Baltimore.

Watch as Beanie Sigel spits bars directed at Hov during a freestyle at Sonar in Baltimore. I guess the beef is still on haven’t heard much from sigel lately, but I guess he still has something to say, but will a guy like jay respond? Should he respond? Does hes he even care? Should he care? Look you get the point watch the video, and read more in on this…….. Read the rest of this page »

Game Talkin Smack To Rampage.

Game has some choice words for Rampage Jackson. After trying out for the part of B.A. Baracus for the A-Team movie, and eventually losing the part to Rampage in the end. Game had some words for the MMA fighter when he lost his recent bout with Rashad Evans in the Octagon. I’m not sure if that was such a smart move on Games part, but I guess since Rampage’s hands are licensed he might get a pass, or a good ass lawsuit which ever comes first. Hopefully not an ass whuppin though……. Read the rest of this page »

Common Takes On Challenging Part For A.M.C.

16 years ago his video came across my t.v. with a song called I used to love h.e.r. speaking on hip hop.  Since that time he went from Common Sense. To just Common, but not in his delivery, or approach to the game. In fact it’s been everything, but Common. He’s made many more hits, and has stepped up his game to more acting. Mostly in movies, but now he’s taken a slightly different approach. He’s acting in an upcoming series on the basic cable channel A.M.C.(which is near, and dear to me cause I don’t have premium channels). Seriously though it’s about a freed bi-racial slave living an everyday life in the 1800’s. Sounds simple right, but key words former slave bi-racial that says it all in my book. Sounds interesting, and different for the soon to be legendary emcee(if he’s not considered that already). Of course you know I had to throw the classic Common Sense throw back (which might be said is more relevant now than back then)….. Read the rest of this page »

Lord Finesse Chops It Up With Grind Radio.

Lord Finesse choppin it up on Grind radio. Mr. strictly for the ladies responsible for many hits. Produced many artists. There would be no Fat Joe if it wasn’t for dudes like Lord Finesse, Diamond D etc.. The Whole D.I.T.C.